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28 June 2024

Due to major maintenance on the portal, it will be inaccessible from Friday, June 28, 9 p.m. until no later than Sunday, June 30, 9 p.m. You can try logging in. If this fails, we ask you to try again later.

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New calling and scheduling system

2 July 2024

Starting this week we will be working with a new system. If all goes well you won’t notice any of this. However, because it is a new system for us, things may sometimes go wrong. Would you like to pass that on? Thank you for understanding. Yours sincerely,Jan Pieter Kiers and Freek Fickweiler

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Practical information

Please note: consultation hours are by appointment only. We do not have a counter assistant with whom you can schedule an appointment. Due to (urgent) visits, we may not be present on location. In case of emergency, always contact us via our emergency number before coming to the practice. No urgency? Then make a call-back consultation.

Huisartsen Assen-West
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